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Oklahoma Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Information on Adverse Event Reporting

Protect confidentiality of everyone involved (medical or other facilities, person’s names—name of the “injured” or “potentially injured” party; the person(s) giving out the questionable or detrimental information. If the person giving out the questionable or potentially damaging advice has professional credentials and is not a Registered/Licensed Dietitian, note this information, but do not put in the name of the person.) Must be able to verify the information.

Simply tell the story of what happened (patient using a product(s) or following advice; what the advice giver said, what resulted or could have resulted.) It is OK to use tech language. Could include a statement such as “Any dietitian would have known that using “X” or doing “X” would cause “Y.”

If there are financial implications, explain those (if product(s) cost is a factor; if the person ended up needing to be hospitalized; had to make a trip to a doctor, etc.; then there is an unneeded cost to the patient and possibly related parties).

State why this was unsound advice or product recommended –why this was a danger or potential danger.

Please complete the form below to report harm. If you are not sure if a situation is considered harm, please complete the form, and our Consumer Protection Coordinator will determine if the event is harmful.

To download a printable copy of this form, click HERE.

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If you have any questions please email them to dietitianlicense@oknutrition.org

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